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Excell Motorsports X Wheels
Excell Motorsports has designed a 135.8mm idler "X" wheel for Yamaha Snowmobiles
that will replace the stock (or Yamaha Accessory) 129.37mm wheels on all 2006 to
2014 Apex, Vector, Venture, FX Nytro, and Phazer models. Excell Motorsports has
tested the 135.8mm wheel for over 2 years with major benefits in slider wear and
longevity. The "X" Wheel is solid with no holes to help combat freezing of the
wheel in place. It is also a direct bolt on replacment with no need for longer
bolts or machining of the mount to make it fit. It is a direct replacement wheel
for inside or outside the rail. The "X" wheel comes with the replaceable 6005
NTN bearing.

$29.95 for a complete wheel ready to bolt on! Available now!
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decal kits (1) decal kits (2) decal kits (3)
Custom Decal Kits! $299.95
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Authorized VP Racing Fuels Dealer
Excell Exhaust - Yamaha Performance Exhaust Systems
Welcome to Excell Motorsports Yamaha.
We are a Pro Yamaha Motorsports dealer.
Our showroom is full of Yamaha Snomobiles, ATV's, Side x Side and Motorcycles. We are also a Bobcat and Hustler Mower dealer.
Excell Motorsports designs performance exhaust systems for Yamaha Snomobiles.
We also designed the "X Wheel"
A 135.8mm idler "X" wheel for Yamaha Snowmobiles that will replace the stock (or Yamaha Accessory) 129.37mm wheels on all 2006 to 2011 Apex, Vector, FX Nytro, and Phazer models.
If you need a part we can get it even if it's a off brand part or accessory.
Please contact us with and questons.
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Introducing The New 2014 Yamaha SRViper Hi-Flo Excell Header

Excell Motorsports is extremely excited to release the very first “sneak peek” of our Yamaha Viper Preproduction Exhaust Header. Since we had the FXNytro 1049cc Header pipe dialed in for maximum HP and torque, this project was a bit of a challenge attempting to get Equal Tube Length and what we know into this new snowmobile chassis. Header Tube Length is so important that 1-2 inches the wrong way in any direction can Hurt your desired HP/Toque Numbers. But at the same time we finally had the room to run our Favorite "TRI" High Flow Merge Collector with new 308 .049 stainless wall thickness.

While riding the Viper through rough trail conditions with "Go-Pro under the Hood",  the video footage of the Stock OEM Header showed flex from the chassis/engine and silencer mounting. So, we too decided not to cut costs and to run a flex coupler just as the OEM's are currently using on their stock header. 

We will be heading to www.dynotechresearch.com next week for some long awaited Dyno time with the new Yamaha Viper in conjunction with Excell Header, Power Commander 5 "Excell Maps" and air box modifications after more Field testing this week. Excell Viper Exhaust will be available in header to stock muffler and header to Excell Silencer for closed course racing.

We had a Very Educational Day at www.Dynotechresearch.com yesterday Jan. 23, 2014 with the New 2014 SR Viper. We didn't know how Spoiled we were with Decent Flowing Air Boxes and Silencers. The SR Viper is a Totally different Beast to Gain H.p than the Fx Nytro is . After a full day of testing various Components we did make an extra 15.5 HP with a Torque gain of 8.6 . The Average Stock Baseline of 132.2Hp and with Excell Goodies made 147.7Hp. Unfortunately we found Very little Extra H.P. with the Current OEM Stock Muffler and Current Air Box Configuration with any Header Configuration to warrant the expense so far. Also we did defiantly see the need of a PC 5 because of Very Lean Midrange AFRís with Air Box Mods and Slip on Silencers even with the Stock Header. Bottom line is we are not happy enough with Results to put anything into Production just yet. We have started working on a Complete New Air Box, Individual Air Filters and New Quiet Silencer For our Next Visit to Dynotech. At the same time Field Testing so we can make certain Excell Performance Product's work the best for our Customers.

New Yamaha Motorcycles No Freight/Set Up Charges
Only NYS Tax and DMV Fee's
New 2010 FJR1300
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New 2010 FJR1300 New 2010 FJR1300
New 2013 YZFR6

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